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The "Nasty Crime" tour 

Alex starts his Winter/Spring 2023 Tour with a January run through Texas before visiting Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. With plans to criss-cross the south and head into the Mid-west, follow the tour here...

The vision has always been to give his fans a show which transcends beyond a concert into a true musical experience by blending great songs and the stories behind the music with high energy and musical prowess. In order to deliver the best performances, Alex has surrounded himself with top caliber musicians that can consistently perform at the highest level. Each one brings an impressive resume and experience that when combined with Alex's passion and energy gives fans a show they wont forget.     

Experience an Alex Lopez show follow our tour schedule here

Alex's Tour schedule below:

For ALL concert dates see concert list & full calendar scroll below

Here's just a few select  CONCERT DATES

For ALL show dates/tickets see calendar below

Mar 23rd

Southgate House Revival

Newport,  KY

Mar 24th

Key Palace

Red Key, In



Mar 25th


Evansville, In



for details please click event FOR TICKETS click the link

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