Gear and products I personally use, I've battle tested and I really believe in...

Over the years I've been approached many times to endorse gear. My philosophy has and will always remain the same: Endorse products you use and believe in as well as those that are affordable to the working musician. While some of the products here do sponsor my music, that support will never supersede the goal of helping the working musician find reliable quality gear...

Blue Magic Strings

blue magic.jpg
I discovered Blue Magic Strings while recording my album "Nasty Crime." Producer, Master Engineer and great audiophile George Harris was using them on all of his dozens of guitars and as I was laying down tracks with some of his axes I commented on the playability and great tone I was getting  - he then introduced me to Blue Magic Strings and handed me a pack to try. I put them on my guitar and put the strings through their paces at a show that night and was hooked. They not only sounded great but stayed in tune during a long night of big bends. I went out bought them for all my guitars. I am a tone fanatic and have tried just about every string out there. For durability, playability and classic rock tone nothing beats Blue Magic.
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It's simple, Creative World Recording is an amazing studio with the best in classic/vintage recording gear and with dozens of axe's to use - a guitar lover's dream come true. George Harris is an amazing producer/engineer and his experience is legendary. George and co-owner Barry have created an environment where you can be relaxed and creative while being advised on how to make your best recording - what more can you ask?  
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