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Some Reviews from Alex's 5 albums...

Album "Rising Up" :

 Blues/rock guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Alex Lopez comes off like the emerging star he is on his new record Rising Up. Together, everyone involved made a killer contemporary blues/rock album that’s tight, well-executed, and multifaceted. 
Rock and Blues Muse
The title track, Rising Up, has a touch of genius in the way the composition takes some funk, blues, rock and gospel, throws in a proggy keyboard middle, followed with funky chord work and a perfectly suited guitar solo while the bass lays down a great line: it all comes together nicely and produces a memorable whole. 
Bluesdoodles Reviews
Rising up is a true blues rocker. The album blends blues rock with classic blues to create one memorable song after another. Containing outstanding performance by Alex's band the Xpress and impressive guitar fretboard fireworks. Great stuff!
Keys and Chords
Their new album Rising Up may be their best studio recording yet, but there’s no indication at all that Lopez will slow down any time soon. He keeps rising up to meet the challenge of pushing his music into new frontiers 
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Album "Slowdown" :

Cleveland native and guitarist Alex Lopez’s third album, Slowdown, is a remarkable realization of this gifted musician and songwriter’s talents. His first two studio releases showed him to be a fiery, inspired player of traditional blues and blues/rock, but this third release shows that his songwriting skills continue to grow at an exponential rate.
Mondo Music Media
Lopez has never lacked the instrumental chops or failed to surround himself with the right accompaniment in order to deliver his highly authentic interpretation of the blues form, but he elevates his game several notches with this release. Slowdown has a personal edge that benefits the blues trappings even more and Lopez’s vocals get it over with just the right amount of technique and deeply felt passion.
Vents Magazine
 Alex Lopez serves up a wide platter of his best blues guitar on the rocking, swooning, and reeling Slowdown. This is an album unified in theme and effect the way few releases ever are. Slowdown will be appreciated by longtime fans of blues and blues rock, but even causal listeners will find something here to admire as well.
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Album "Yours Truly, me..." :

We had two favorites, too.  The Hooker-esque boogie of ZZ Top’s “Tush” is replaced here with a polished, uptown funky groove and, hells yeah, it works!  The other featured Ellie Carr on duet vocals as our “Fever-ish” lovers realize they are “Sinful,” and the pleasure always leads to pain, but their carnal lust of youth always wins out.
Alex Lopez is a formidable force in contemporary blues, and we look forward to more from this outstanding young artist.  Please enjoy “Yours Truly, Me….” 
donandsherry blues blog
Lopez moves easily from British blues to soul and jazzy pop, on eleven original tracks and an inspired cover of a Texas blues rock classic. The opening track, ‘Woe Is Me,’ introduces us to the gritty tenor vocals and expressive guitar work from Lopez on a tale of tough love that starts out with a shifting current but ends on smooth sailing guitar outro. Next up the band reinvents a ZZ Top standard ‘Tush,’ as a sophisticated urban blues, swapping the shuffle for a modern funk rock groove peppered with hot Hammond B3.
Fotosbluesrock reviews
Alex Lopez and The Xpress have just blown the roof off with this album What you have laid on us is seriously genius. No l am definite about that as from the first to the last track my excitement levels were in the stratosphere and never came down such is the impact of this album. Your tenor voice is sublime and you have the most perfect modulation. To hear such a voice in Blues today is a rarity but you have now cast the die for anybody wishing to do so. As a guitarist you certainly have the chops to match it with the best what with the sheer beauty of your tone and the dexterity to adjust to the myriad of styles on this album.
PBS 106.7 Melbourne Australia radio
Blues and traditional rock enthusiasts are going to want to hear Yours Truly, Me… as soon as possible if they haven’t already, because from where I sit it stands as one of the only unmatched performances in the genre to be captured on record this year. 
Vents Magazine
I’ve been listening to a lot of really good music this year, but of all the records in this genre, Alex Lopez’s latest is definitely in a class of its own. Every time that we think we’ve heard the best of his brilliance in action, like the chest-beating “I Can’t Stop (Redux)” for example, he turns around and finds a way to top himself, like in the climactic ending number “Cheating Blues (Redux),” which isn’t something that can be said for the vast majority of artists he’s competing with for the spotlight at the moment.
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Album "Nasty Crime"

Nasty Crime is a Lopez showcase though. Singing with a shouting tenor somewhere around Steve Windwood altitude, Lopez is full of passion. Multi-tracking layers of guitars, sometimes in unison, sometimes sliding, sometimes just chugging with reckless abandon, Lopez shows off his various instrumental sides 

Blues Blast Magazine

Florida-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Alex Lopez proves himself to be a multifaceted gem on his new record Nasty Crime.
The album spanks the sidewalk August 12th, 2022 on the Maremil imprint and demonstrates Lopez’s unique stylistic blend of rocking blues, jazz-tinged soul, emotive pop, and kinetic swing. He’s an excellent singer with a voice that’s high and clear and a strong guitar player with a knack for syncopated riffs and lush chordal work.
Rock and Blues Muse

A lot of singer/songwriters do their best to give this legendary aesthetic the artistic respect it deserves, but there are very few you’re likely to encounter this season that are bringing the panache Alex Lopez and his band are to the new record Nasty Crime, itself a tribute to some of the most important tent poles of the traditional schools in blues.
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