Meet Alex's band The Xpress

Alex's band

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The Vision:

Alex's vision has always been to give his fans a show which transcends beyond a concert into a musical experience by blending great songs with high energy and musical prowess. In order to deliver the best performances, Alex has surrounded himself with top caliber musicians that can consistently perform at the highest level. Each one brings an impressive resume and experience that when combined with Alex's passion and energy gives fans a show they wont forget. 
Alex call's the members of his touring band "The Xpress" for 3 reasons:
  • We perform expressive music that moves the audience
  • We always deliver and never let an audience down
  • We'll run you over like a train with our energy and performance
Kenny Hoye - keyboards
Kenny, originally from Cleveland Ohio, moved to Tampa Florida to continue his illustrious career in the music business. Kenny was formerly signed and recorded on Atlantic Records and has performed with countless great musicians over the years as a member of the Nashville and New York musician's union. Kenny brings his iconic B3 sound to the music along with a mastery of the piano and synth. During concerts Kenny often stuns audiences with what can only be described as amazing organ solo performances.
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Steve Roberts - bass
Originally from England, Steve is a career professional musician who has performed through-out the UK, Europe and even parts of Asia. Steve is a renown session musician as well as an in-demand music instructor. In addition to his impressive talent on the bass, Steve is master musician who has an impressive command of music theory often put to work as music conductor in the group. Steve brings his memorable melodic bass lines and his precise performance technique to Alex's music. 
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Kana Leimbach - drums
Kana originally studied under master jazz drummer Kawase Katsuhiko in Osaka Japan. After performing in original music rock bands and as the percussionist in Chaka Khan tribute band Stompin' Savoy's, she joined the prog band Nth Ntrance performing internationally. Moving to Florida, Kana became infused in the Tampa music scene eventually performing in the classic rock band Phoenix in 2010 and Undercover Betty in 2013 with whom she recorded several original tracks and opened for notable artists like Blondie, Gilby Clark, and Jasmine Caine. The Tampa Bay Music Network named Kana 2014 Favorite Rock Drummer.