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Who said the Blues don't rock

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Who said the blues don't rock
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Get Ready for the next chapter 

The NEW album
Looking for a change 
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 The album critics are saying combines the best of Page, Clapton, Beck and Hendrix in one.

"A chilling performance"


You can stream on every platform around the world just click on the link below to listen to "Looking for a change" 

A few SELECT  Concert Dates 

New Tour Schedule Coming Soon! 
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March 7th
Honey Bee & Wine festival

Oxford, FL

March 9th
Macon Art Center

Macon, Georgia

See when we are coming to your city, Follow all our tour dates click below:

Here's what the critics are saying about Alex and his band ALX

"A modern day master of the blues"  - Indie Music 
"A formidable force in contemporary blues"  - SDblues blog
"One of the only unmatched performances in the genre" Vents Mag

Live Video

Experience Alex and his band The Xpress live coming to a concert performance near you soon!

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