​​"Alternative Blues Mixology"

So people ask "what kind of music do you play?" and It's always a tough question to answer. Yes we are rooted in the blues but we are equal parts Rock, Americana, Funk and even some Honky Tonk! I'm as comfortable ripping through some Led Zep as I am grooving to Freddie King or The Stones and love them all"  A note from Alex Lopez

Alex has a sound that's hard to categorize except to say it's an infectious form of blues with a rocking edge that get's a hold of you with memorable melodies, great stories and a moving groove



The Band

The Xpress is Alex's touring band comprised of tenured talented musicians that deliver rocking blues, strong grooves and energetic shows for top tier performances. Click below to learn more on the Xpress page.

Alex Lopez is an acclaimed guitarist, nationally recognized songwriter and emerging performing artist quickly taking the blues/rock scene by storm. Alex was born in the heartland of Rock n Roll Cleveland Ohio and started playing keyboards before becoming inspired by British blues/rock bands to master the guitar. Influenced by greats like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, Alex spent young adulthood performing in clubs and recording original songs in small studios while polishing his songwriting skills. Since his move to Florida to attend college, Alex spent years as the vocalist and lead guitarist of the wildly popular rock band Reminiscion before striking out on his own...

In September of 2013 Alex released the album "Back Bedroom Blues" a collection of all original blues and blues/rock songs displaying his formidable skills as a blues guitarist and singer/songwriter. And in 2015 Alex Lopez released his second CD "Is it a Lie" to excellent reviews. His third album, "Slowdown" achieved a new level of success with international recognition and critical acclaim rising up the blues, jam and Americana charts with worldwide airplay and earning Alex fans across the globe. With his soon to be realized 4th album "Yours Truly,... me" Alex is sure to continue his ascent in contemporary blues.

The Music 


The Story

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"I love combining great music with a high energy and engaging show that really entertains people"

 Songwriter and Producer


​Experienced in the studio as a producer and a prolific songwriter, Alex works with artist through his production company MarEmil to develop great music and recordings. He also written music for artist albums on request. Contact below to find our more... 


Blues rock guitarist Alex Lopez and his band The Xpress will be releasing their eagerly awaited third album titled "Slowdown" on MarEmil Records on May 19th! A powerful modern blues album that seamlessly fuses rock and blues and combines it with an unstoppable groove. The album's lyrical theme will also connect with today's world. "Slowdown" tells a story about a person who travels down a path that leads to addiction and their struggle to find a way back home. Each song is a chapter in this saga and the album takes you from innocent beginnings to heartbreaking despair and eventually to redemption and salvation.

Says Alex, "The songs on the album actually came together quickly. About 1/2 the songs are from my back catalogue of previously written songs and the rest were written for the album inspired by the concept and the message. While a lot of the songs are blues based, I am not interested in recycling the blues but adding my twist, blending with other genres and modernizing them. My approach with the band was to bring fairly finished song demos recorded in my home studio to rehearsal where they could inject their style and ideas. Most of the songs were already a part of our live show by the time we entered the studio and so the base tracks were recorded live. My focus and goal was to produce a polished album that sonically stood up but still retained the spontaneity and feel of a live band. I also wanted a big sound but not over-produced so a lot of time and attention was spent on capturing the sound right out of the gate. Atomic Audio did a fabulous job with recording and engineering while Peerless Mastering out of Boston did a great job on the mastering adding the warmth I wanted."