David Nunez is the consummate performance drummer with a style and approach bigger than life. David is proficient in multiple musical styles having spent time is some of the Bay area's most successful and diverse groups like: The MARK BARRIOS band (Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Latin Rock), National Recording artist Bickley Rivera (Nu-Jazz & Chill)  and The PAT DALTON GANG (Southern Rock, Classic Rock). His versatility, incredible sense of timing and ability to create a cool groove are essential elements of the Xpress. We call him "The Showman" because he is as much fun to watch as he is impressive to listen to....

Steve is a 35 year veteran of the music industry spending 20 years with national recording artists "The Knobs" and performing original material through-out the mid-west based out of Pittsburgh. Steve also has been a freelance studio musician and performer lending his versatile skills to many recording artists. As an acclaimed accomplished a bass player Steve has mastered multiple music styles and genres bringing a melodic, tasteful yet thunderous bottom end to the Xpress. Additionally Steve acts as co-host on stage assisting Alex with the demanding performances.

Meet The Xpress

Kenny Hoye

​​The Band that makes the music happen!

Alex's touring band, The Xpress, blends original blues and driving rock with a strong groove to create a unique identifiable sound/style all it's own. Each member of the band is an accomplished and gifted musician contributing their talent and showmanship to every performance. This band combines great musicianship with Alex's memorable songs to put on an energetic entertaining show you need to hear and see..

The Xpress

Steve Pagano

 Kenny, originally from Cleveland Ohio, moved to Tampa Florida to continue his illiustrious career in the music business. As a long-time performing and studio musician, Kenny was a previous member of Locals 257 Nashville, Local 802 NYC, and now 427-721 Tampa/Saint Petersburg. Kenny was also formerly signed and recorded on Atlantic Records and has performed with countless great musicians over the years. Kenny is affectionately known by the Xpress members as "The Professor" for the depth of his musical knowledge and is now bringing iconic Hammond B3 sound along with Piano,Brass,Strings and Synth to Alex Lopez and the Xpress.  

David Nunez


Kenny Hoye - Keyboards

Steve Pagano - Bass

David Nunez- Drums