Blues rock guitarist Alex Lopez and his band The Xpress will be releasing their eagerly awaited third album titled "Slowdown" on MarEmil Records on May 19th! A powerful modern blues album that seamlessly fuses rock and blues and combines it with an unstoppable groove. The album's lyrical theme will also connect with today's world. "Slowdown" tells a story about a person who travels down a path that leads to addiction and their struggle to find a way back home. Each song is a chapter in this saga and the album takes you from innocent beginnings to heartbreaking despair and eventually to redemption and salvation.

Says Alex, "The songs on the album actually came together quickly. About 1/2 the songs are from my back catalogue of previously written songs and the rest were written for the album inspired by the concept and the message. While a lot of the songs are blues based, I am not interested in recycling the blues but adding my twist, blending with other genres and modernizing them. My approach with the band was to bring fairly finished song demos recorded in my home studio to rehearsal where they could inject their style and ideas. Most of the songs were already a part of our live show by the time we entered the studio and so the base tracks were recorded live. My focus and goal was to produce a polished album that sonically stood up but still retained the spontaneity and feel of a live band. I also wanted a big sound but not over-produced so a lot of time and attention was spent on capturing the sound right out of the gate. Atomic Audio did a fabulous job with recording and engineering while Peerless Mastering out of Boston did a great job on the mastering adding the warmth I wanted."

"Whether it might be recording at my studio or a co-writing session, I am always working with talented musicians on a variety of projects. Let me know if I can help you on your project"



Songwriter and Producer


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"I love combining great music with a high energy and engaging show that really entertains people"

"I've never stopped playing and writing music, its a part of who I am, and now I get to really rekindle that fire"


"I spent my youth rocking in bands before settling into what some might call a regular life. That regular life has been a great one filled with blessings in the form of a loving family, good health, awesome friends and fulfilling career. Now with my family raised and with the support of so many, I can pursue the adventure once more...and have tons of fun along the way"

​                                                     A note from Alex Lopez

The Alex Lopez Xpress

The Xpress is my band, and rocking blues with a strong groove defines the Alex Lopez Xpress.  This band is focused on original music and has a unique identifiable style. We deliver strong musicianship and an  energetic performance.  Click below to learn more on the Xpress page.

Born in the heartland of Rock n' Roll in Cleveland Ohio, Alex started with organ lessons at the age of 8 and soon he was playing at the local church and at school functions. Inspired by the Beatles and British blues/rock bands, he learned how to play guitar as a teen developing a style influenced by guitar greats Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. While playing in local bands like Midnight Voyager and Sahara, he spent young adulthood recording in studios while polishing songwriting skills. After moving to Florida to attend college, Alex continued playing in local bands chasing the dream performing locally and having modest success with a few original songs even making their way to local radio.


After a break from his music career to raise a family. Alex reconnected with his blues musical roots studying the guitar style of blues greats like BB King and Buddy Guy. Alex then joined the popular cover band Reminiscion performing at venues through-out the Bay area before striking out on his own. As a prolific songwriter Alex has recorded a voluminous amount of original material culminating in his first 3 albums.  With his band "The Xpress" Alex is now playing major venues and festivals across the southeast...

Chasing the Dream